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How do you do it?

Increase  engagement, attentiveness, recognition, autonomy, challenge and space for personal development. 

Team development day

All in 1 approach

team training combine with team building activities and informal elements of a company excursion.

Not a day of boring theory, but experience orientated interactive workshops and excercises.

The starting point of the day is that personal development and self-awareness contribute to the enhancing of team cohesion. 

Original and effective

 A stimulating and relaxed environment. 

An interactive program; participants are the creators of their own development and experience. 

Pleasure; learning and laughing together strengthens relationships. 

An informal jovial atmosphere; the day is musically supported by a live dj. 

The program can be modified to the specific needs of the team.

Supplementary individul aftercare programs are possible. 

Team development day

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