Tsjirste Abegg, therapeut, coach & trainer

The change we seek is found inside us.

Tsjirste owns Ayuda, a practice for psychodynamic therapy, coaching and training in Almere. During her 17-year career as a teacher in primary education she undertook further development and qualified as a therapist / coach at the academy for Psychodynamics in Scherpenzeel. She also successfully completed a one-year training as a school leader at the center for in-service training in Amsterdam.

She now leads experience-oriented therapy/coaching programs and team training. No fixed theory, protocols or procedures, but experiences that lead to the direct insight resulting in the individual and / or team being able to work towards a meaningful and successful private and work life.

Her motto: Learning through doing and experiencing instead of theoretical frameworks.


Creating awareness of the possibilities for change. 

Converting negative self-images into positive self-images; self confidence. 

A positive self-image leads to a fulfilled personal and professional life where talents, opportunities and possibilities are identifed and utilized. 

A system (family, team, group, community, society) that is based on mutual recognition, utilising talents, embracing opportunities and possibilities, leads to greater connectivity and trust. 

Effective systems (family, team, group, community, society) are more likely to make the impossible  possible and stand strong in the face of adversity.

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