Prevent staff turnover and absence from work 


Increase employee engagement; focuses on personal development and team cohesion.

Retaining staff, reducing  absence and increasing productivity.


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Then watch the video podcast ‘The commited employee’ about the importance of personal development and team cohesion in preventing staff turnover and absence off work.



I have now completed my 2nd “round” of sessions with Tsjirste. How grateful I am to this woman for all the good she has done for me. Sometimes I really had to drag myself to a session because you just don’t want to handle certain things. When you come to the conclusion that you always go out the door with new insights and an enlightened feeling, you know that it was good. This is where Tsjirste can really help you on your path. Giving you the insights you need, you will be listened to, you will be heard. I am eternally grateful to her for that. Thank you dear Tsjirste!

Nathalie van Berge

Tsjirste gives you time and space to think about your thought patterns and feelings that come with them. By means of open and guiding conversations she gives you tools to work on yourself. You don’t do that alone, Tsjirste is there for you and sees how long you need to pick up the thread yourself afterwards. The atmosphere in Praktijk Ayuda is familiar, warm and you have complete freedom to be yourself.

Anna Bolt

Tsjirste is honest, loving and does her job with a lot of passion. The practice is a quiet and safe place, where I immediately felt at ease. 

“Focus on myself” was my goal, which I have worked on in a positive way through the therapy. She helped me enormously by giving me the tools to continue this focus. I know her door is always open and I am forever grateful to her.

Mireille Mantel

Tsjirste is very personal and loving. I always feel comfortable and she always adapts to what she thinks I need at that moment. Not a standard package of a number of sessions. Ultimately, she gives you enough tools to grow in your own development. I did it all myself but it would have been a lot harder without her. Forever grateful!

Thirza Hartje

Did you know that engagement:


  • prevent stress and burn-out
  • improve (work) relationships
  • improve private and work satisfaction
  • improve solidarity
  • facilitate enhanced performance and results

Watch the video podcast

‘The commited employee’

The video podcast ‘  discusses the importance of development on the the importance of personal development and team cohesion in preventing staff turnover and absence off work.Discover more about the importance of personal development and team cohesion in preventing staff turnover and absence off work.

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