Voorkom burn-out in het onderwijs

Kortdurende begeleiding





You can say a hundred times you busy; it will not solve anything



The teacher learns to understand their feelings in relation to the way they deal with the pressures of work. They understand how these affect their current functioning and job satisfaction. They also gain insight into their opportunities for change and influence their process from knowing to doing.

The process starts with an introductory meeting. Questions can be asked and the  concerning teacher is giving the space to decide if there is enough trust to start the collaboration

The process lasts 5 months with contact moments every two weeks.

The program starts with an intake. After the intake there are 3 sessions, 3 video conversations, 2 half-days together on the work floor and a closing session. In the closing session, we look back on the first part of the process and the goals are evaluated.

The program can be converted to an annual program at any time.


New to teaching

The programs are also suitable for the guidance and support of those starting their career in primary education.

Gaining experience in teaching and learning to deal with the high work pressure takes time.

Strategic personnel policy is necessary to adequately guide and support these teachers. Given the worrying growth in teacher shortage it is important that the new teacher stays in the field of education.

Although new teachers are meant to be guided by experienced colleagues, the workload often prevents the mentoring that is so needed. They can ask questions but time pressure makes effective guidance a challenge.

Prevent burn-out in education

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