Voorkom burn-out in het onderwijs

Intensief begeleidingstraject





You can say a hundred times you busy; it will not solve anything




In the first phase, the emphasis is on understanding oneself. We investigate which personal characteristics cause stress due to the high workload and what lies behind it. The change in this phase is aimed at personal growth in relation to the high workload.

The second phase is a coaching process. The acquired knowledge is implemented in daily educational practice.

The program starts with an introduction. The teacher will have space to decide if there is a basis of trust to move forward.

The program lasts 10 months with personal contact moment every two weeks.

The first phase starts with an intake. After the intake there are 3 sessions, 3 video conversations, 2 half-days together on the work floor and a closing session. In the closing session, we look back on the first part of the process and the goals are evaluated.

The second phase consists of 3 sessions, 4 video conversations, 1 half-day together on the work floor and a closing session.


New to teaching

The programs are also suitable for the guidance and support of those starting their career in primary education.

Gaining experience in teaching and learning to deal with the high work pressure takes time. Strategic personnel policy is necessary to adequately guide and support these teachers.

Given the worrying growth in teacher shortage it is important that the new teacher stays in the field of education. Although new teachers are meant to be guided by experienced colleagues, the workload often prevents the mentoring that is so needed. They can ask questions but time pressure makes effective guidance a challenge.

Startende leerkrachten worden nu vaak begeleid door een collega. Er is ruimte om vragen te stellen maar door de huidige hoge werkdruk is er meestal geen tijd voor echte begeleiding.

Prevent burn-out in education

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